Love Status
One side love

One side love

One side love status

hamra likhne mein kya jata hain, Unka dekhne mein kya jata hain, Jata to bus es dil ka hain, Jo harbar thukraya jata hain.

Love is not a magic world, It is beautiful truth with painfull journey.

Night gone talks gone

New day starts, forget about past

Lets start with new

All this said by my gf after celebration of valentine Eve now she is my x recently.

The refusal is not a big pain
Adopting and then refusing is big pain.
So now sorry darling, my own stucking heart is heartless. so i threw it, now i am mind gamer in loveaffairs.

The madness beyound my expectations is a love

The love beyound your expectation is a true love

love beyound expectations,Is just like courage beyound strength .
One side love

The rose are red,
My shoes are red.
Her diamond is blue,
My shirt is blue.
Look at that girl,
Still not looking me.
Because my face is black,
Like her bag is black .

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